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the brains

Meet Jessie!

If anyone could take the title of the business keystone, it would be Jessie. This mother of two and intrepid entrepreneur balances it all, while keeping the gallery progressive and productive. 


She coordinates nearly everything that the gallery gets involved with, from finding new artists and contributors, to facilitating the custom creations that the shop produces.  


If you ask the impossible of Jessie, don't be surprised when she delivers.

the brawn

Meet Max!

An amazing carpenter and all around problem solver here. If it's a difficult project, Max will have a hand in making sure it gets off the ground and stays airborne.


His unique mix of a no-nonsense approach, and great sense of humour (we haven't quite figured how he does this) are an absolutely essential part of the well oiled machine that is The Crossroads Collective.


Come on down to the shop for some of Max's expert advice.


Our Team Rocks!

They make each day and each project fun.

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